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The City of Clare owns, operates, and maintains the Cherry Grove Cemetery located at 854 Cedar Street in Clare County Michigan. The Clare City Commission has appointed a Cemetery Advisory Board to make recommendations on matters related to the operations and management of Cherry Grove Cemetery.  Fees and rates are established each fiscal year on July 1. The current fees and rates for the cemetery can be found at (provide the link to the page that has the fee & rate schedule). For questions concerning the cemetery, please contact Mary Warner.

  • Cemetery hours are from dawn to dusk
  • Conduct in the Cemetery should be quiet and respectful
  • Trees and shrubs are planted ONLY with the permission of the City of Clare Public Works Director
  • Spring Cleanup is April 1-15 (weather permitting)
  • Winter decorations must be removed prior to April 1
  • Summer decorations may be placed after May 1st and removed by September 30
  • Fall cleanup is October 1-15 (weather permitting)

Cemetery Clerk - Utility Billing - Public Works Secretary

Mary Warner

Department Information
Office: Clare City Cemetery
202 W. Fifth Street, Clare MI 48617
Rules & Regulations