City of Clare

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The Clare Police Department is on duty 24 hours a day throughout the entire year. With several full-time and part-time officers, including the Chief and a school liaison officer, we are here to serve you.

The prescription drop box is located at the Clare Police Department Lobby

Police Chief

David Saad

Office: Clare Public Safety Building
207 W Fifth St
Clare, MI 48617

(Non-emergency only. In an emergency, dial 911.)
 (989) 386-4508

In addition to normal policing activities, the Clare Police Department also offers a number of community services that can be accessed using the following applicable form:

Abandoned Vehicle Form – Wrecker Co.

Bicycle Registration

Business Contact Information

FOIA Request

I.D. Theft/Credit Card Fraud

Tenants and Landlords Guide

Vacation Property Check

Voluntary Statement

Accident reports may be obtained online at:

Police Chief David Saad
Chief Saad has been serving in Law Enforcement since 1997, starting in 1999 with Clare City Police. Prior to serving the City of Clare, Chief Saad worked for the Clare County Sheriff’s Office as a Corrections Officer, Marine Deputy and Bailiff. He attended advanced supervision school at the MSP training academy.
* Arson Investigator
* Evidence Tech
* Use of force instructor

The Clare Police Department has utilized a volunteer Reserve Police Officer force since the 1970’s. Reserve Officers are required to attend a 28 hour Reserve Officer academy and then pass a field training program. The Reserve Officer division assists the department in special duty assignments, parades and road patrol. This program is offered to anyone age 18-21 who want to begin a career in Law Enforcement. Each Cadet is required to attend the Reserve Academy and pass and field training program. The Cadets are utilized for special functions, peer mentoring and community policing events.